Who are we?

The information boom has shown us that, as individuals and communicators,
we have a power much greater than before and, above all, a great responsibility.
Out of this power LINDA was born: a strategic communication agency,
helping brands find their PURPOSE and accompanying them so they can shine
with a clear and coherent message, using all of today’s media.

Meaningful Brands 

We are aware that consumers buy products and services, but they also buy a PURPOSE.
It’s because of this that in the digital age the brands that survive are those that offer a true value to people and the planet, with an empathetic VISION in which consumers can see themselves reflected.
Companies that think about the general well-being in their business models are more profitable.
Besides being the correct to do so, this thinking makes sense from a commercial viewpoint as well.

Our Philosophy

We are all GIFTED.
At LINDA, we are convinced that brands are like people. Their values and needs are 100% human.
Brands, like people, have dreams and fears, successes and failures; they love and hate, give and take;
suffer from identity crises, and like all of us, they need to find that GIFT which makes them unique.
At LINDA, we are the therapists for these brands.


To be creators of a better world.


To help brands find their GIFT so they can shine and, in the process,
show them the true potential they have when they pursue, besides profitability,
a true benefit for people and the planet.

How can we help you?

Our work

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“The people at LINDA are like a friend when you have a problem. They listen, understand, help you, and give you just the right words that you need to hear.
"It was a great pleasure to work with LINDA. They are real professionals who love what they do. Their professionalism and people skills really stand out. As a client, I learned a lot working with them."
"Quasi-psychologists, they are considerate and logical. True professionals, who research, understand, connect people, look for solutions, and then find them. A lovely team that adds value to yours.”
"Pe and her team at LINDA are amazing! Their expertise was instrumental in my company re-brand. The process they used to highlight my brand's essence was honest, supportive, and exactly on target. LINDA spent the time needed to really understand me as a person, my company's current positioning, and my future goals. They provided an objective lens for me to more clearly see where the disconnects lay and offered strategies to help my company skyrocket to the next level."
"LINDA hit a milestone in the history of our company. It has accompanied us on a process of widespread awareness of our brand, exploring places never before seen. To sum up our experience, it was an expected diagnostic and a key solution to end up on top more than ever. Pame and her team are incredible professionals, creative, humble, passionate…unique."
"LINDA was a key part in the start-up of our business. They helped us become known as a brand and define a path for us to follow to become who we wanted to be in all of the aspects involved with being a business. Thanks to Linda for accompanying us during this important period, and without a doubt, we will continue to return to you for what comes next."


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